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Your browser's "Accept Cookies" setting is disabled and/or is not allowing cookies from our site. Please enable cookies within your browser's settings before continuing to use this site.

If you are absolutely sure that cookies are enabled in your browser's settings, check any anti-virus software installed on your computer and make sure it is not being overly agressive with cookie security. Often times, company networks and even large ISP's will block cookies in an over-aggresive attempt to protect your privacy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small settings pertaining to our site which we store in your Web browser's memory for future use. Each time you go to one of our Web pages, the browser sends back the cookie, which then tells us it's you. If cookies are disabled in your Web browser software, we do not know it's you returning to our site. Therefore, we cannot validate who you are and if it is truly you who claims they are logged on.

Issues with cookies are the most common logon problem with all Internet sites.

What most Internet users don't know is that when they visit a Web page and the Web page fully loads, the connection to the Web page's server is disconnected completely. When you return to the site by clicking another Web page, or by refreshing the same page you are viewing, you are making a whole new connection.

With this understood, we need to send something back with the Web page you are requesting - a setting which is invisible, but which represents your identity. That way, the next time you go to a Web page on our site, we know it's you.

These small settings are called "cookies". They are simply a small and safe string of characters which our server can understand, yet which will mean nothing to you. This is why they are kept invisible. They're not harmful and they don't divulge any information about you.

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