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When you start out on your Internet mission to find someone important in your life, you're wise to do your research carefully. The Net is full of competition in the online dating market. In this vast marketplace, there is still plenty of room for some sites to mislead you, exploit you, and even put you into financial crisis.

Don't tolerate it. Ask all sites the important questions...

Do you create fake ads to lure your members?

It's all the buzz - the lawsuits against and Yahoo! Personals. There are claims that fake profiles were created in order to lure members to purchase a premium membership or retain their current membership. Although we disagree with some of the strategies and ethics of these companies, we don't believe that these particular sites have any need or desire to lure members in such a way. However, we believe there is a huge number of sites which will create fake profiles, in order to mislead you into believing someone simply incredible wants to get to know you - thus making you want to purchase a membership.

TangoWire would NEVER create a fake profile to lure anyone. With millions of members, we have nothing to gain. Your respect for our business ethics is important to us. That's what made us one of the largest and most respected sites in the world.

Will you trade my personal data with others?

You fill out a membership form, start using a site, then all of a sudden you're getting junk mail, SPAM, or even computer viruses. How is that right? It's not. What you didn't read, on that other site, was the fine print. It stated that the site could sell, trade, or distribute your personal data - to basically who they want.

TangoWire never trades, sells, or distributes any personally identifiable data to any individual or organization outside our company. In fact, some of that data is that of our own staff's memberships. We would never want that done to us and we won't do it to our members.

When I need help, will it be there?

So, you need help. You write to another site's customer service department asking why your photos are not yet appearing on your profile. What you get back (5 days later) is a stock response stating that they need more information from you; the type of browser you're using, how much RAM you have in your computer, what exact time you were using their site, etc.. Now, how does that have anything to do with why your photos are not yet showing up and/or approved? It doesn't. That's just blowing you off with one fast click from their customer service department.

TangoWire prides itself on good customer service. We truly attempt to get to the bottom of each request and help our members the best we can. We're real people behind the scenes and you will feel it.

Hey! What's with all the pop-ups and flashing ads?

You purchase a membership at or Yahoo! Personals and they still have in-your-face, flashing banner advertisements attempting to lure you to another site, in order to purchase something else. What's up with that? You're a paying member. Why should you have to pay for, basically, commercials?

TangoWire has no banner ads, pop-ups, rich media which takes over your browser, or anything of the sort. We're an online community about "people" - not a billboard for corporate marketing scams. We do what we do best and we don't sell out, in order to make another quick buck.

Do others have to pay to reply to my e-mail?

You think, on another site, you're ever going to get a response to a heart-felt e-mail you sent to another member? Well, don't be so sure. The other member may desperately want to respond, but they do not trust the site enough to give them their credit card. Yes, that's right. On other sites, you're forced to be a paying member, in order to even reply to an e-mail from someone who has already paid. That's a rip off!

If you're a TangoWire premium member and construct a personal e-mail to send to another member, that other member does not need to be a paying member to reply.

Will you keep charging me and abuse my credit card?

This is a good one! Did you realize that being a paying member on another site means that they will keep billing your credit card each month until you cancel your membership? You got it! You don't have any other option. We feel that's scamming, misleading, preying on the less fortunate, and even stealing.

TangoWire does NOT auto-renew premium memberships. If you wish to renew your premium membership, that's totally your decision. Your credit card number is sacred - be careful with other sites.

What's this site's core focus and product?

Why would you want to belong to an online dating site whose core function is being a search engine and a platform for corporations to create mass marketing plans? It doesn't make sense to us!

TangoWire is a company whose core focus and product is online communities. We're about "people", not corporate interests.

You now have my e-mail address; bring on the SPAM!

Be careful with supplying your e-mail address on other sites! Don't say we didn't warn you. At other sites, your e-mail address is as much of an asset as your premium membership. With your e-mail address, they can sell it, trade it, and profit from it - all while a ton of junk mail piles up in your inbox. You didn't read that other site's fine print.

At TangoWire, we do not SPAM, trade, sell, or distribute your e-mail address (or any other personally identifiable data) to other individuals or organizations. In fact, the only e-mail you will get from us is that concerning your membership or an alert telling you that another member is trying to contact you.

What's with the 'millions of members'? I don't see them!

Our company laughs each time we hear a site advertise "We have more marriages than any other online dating site." or "We have millions of members and successful relationships." Yeah, right! And how do they know that? How possibly could they know how many successful relationships or marriages their site helps produce? Do they call everyone of their members on a monthly basis?

TangoWire has millions of members, also, but we don't advertise that. It doesn't mean that we have millions of members just like YOU. Every member is different and is seeking something unique. When other sites carefully craft those advertisements and claims, it enables them to hood-wink more people who don't listen or validate their play on words.

Can I be removed from this site - no questions asked?

So, you thought you could be easily deleted from another site, only to find that it's nearly impossible? What's worse is that they have your credit card number! Ouch!

We don't play that game. If you no longer want to be on our site, just let us know. You will be deleted immediately, without question, and without five more web pages begging you to stay or making it more difficult to leave.

Is this really a porn site in disguise?

Have you ever searched a site for the love of your life, only to get the surprise of your life when you see their member photos?! Many sites allow their members to upload photos of themselves - photos of them naked or even having sex. Now, if a member uploads such a photo, what is the quality of the member OR the site? Come on! Is that so necessary?!

TangoWire does not allow nudity, profanity, vulgarity, or anything else which would offend anyone in the general public. We don't claim a moral high-ground, we simply miss the days when being respectable in public meant something.

June 1, 2007
22:26 (10:26 PM)

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