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What is a TangoWire Partner?

It's best to define it as so: You can inexpensively register a domain name and we will provide you a fully-featured web site with all the bells and whistles. Wouldn't it be great to incorporate the two and share in the profitability? We do all the hosting, backend technology, member database management, and customer service. Your job is to promote your site through advertising and marketing efforts which drive traffic to your site. In the end, you take 55% of the revenue produced by your site and we utilize the remaining 45% to service your members and focus on future improvements to the site!

Since we've perfected this seamless relationship, we simply collect some information about you, where to send your check, and how you want your site to look. We'll handle all the data, membership credit card payments and functionality.

Promoting your site through search engine listings or banners is your responsibility. Because you are sharing our member database with all other partners, all partners are helping to make each partner site feel robust and full of members - producing, yet, more members and thus more revenue for you.

It's that simple.

"Simply put - this site has changed my life. First I was a member, then I found out about the Partner Program. I thought I was stepping into something over my head, but this is too easy. Hosting my own online dating site is now my full-time job. I feel I'm doing something for others, I make good money, and I'm home with my family. Thanks, guys!"    M.G. - Houston, TX

Singles membership within the network is free and members can receive e-mail from interested members, yet premium membership is not free. In order to e-mail other members in the network, you must be a premium member and must have paid for your membership on our service. Once a payment for premium membership is made, the partner (you) will receive 55% of the revenue collected. More importantly, you will also receive 55% of all renewal revenue generated for the lifespan of each premium membership.

At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, here's another whammy: If a new partner enrolls by clicking through your site to start the enrollment process (Powered by TangoWire logo at the top of your site), you will receive 10% of the initial and renewal revenue their site generates, for the lifespan of each premium membership. This additional revenue is completely transparent to the other partner and does not effect their commissions. If you get a few successful partners involved, without even marketing to them, your wealth is compounded, over and over and over...

This is a 2-tier process. Therefore you will only receive additional commissions on revenues produced by partners who directly enroll by clicking through your site. In order to make it fair for all partners, anyone who clicks through and enrolls by doing so via a partner's site only shares in the commission structure with the referring partner. This structure is better than standard in the industry.

"I was previously an affilate with another site. I now call those programs 'banner linkers hoping to make $20'. TangoWire is well put together, by good people. I'm making money for a change. Most importantly, I don't feel like I'm herding cattle any longer. Go for it. You have nothing to lose!"    J.L. - Seattle, WA

Now, let's take a look at what other large sites are offering, so you have a good comparison. We may be a little critical and harsh, but your bottom-line deserves a good critic in your corner.
  • Other sites expect you to link to their site, with their branding, and you will be paid anywhere between 10% and 40%. The 10% is your reward if you make them a little revenue while the 40% is your reward only if you are making them a ton of money. They call this a partnership, but we call it highway robbery!
  • Just when you think you've got some compounded revenue adding up with your affilation with other sites, your commission is lowered if your premium members renew. We believe our partners should be rewarded for being excellent marketers. A partner who finds quality members that stick around are partners we want to keep, not take advantage of.
  • What marketing tools are you given by other sites, other than banners? What type of customer retention do you have with your own brand? Let us answer that for you...none. Your brand is an asset which should have value. This, to us, is what a partnership program should be. What other sites offer are old-school affiliate programs with a disguising name.
  • We are totally owned by a private corporation. We don't report to public shareholders. Other sites claim that no venture capital is invested in their site, yet they are publicly traded. Is a company who reports to the public really any different? TangoWire is neither funded by venture captial or the public. We are self funded and that translates to better flexibility with spending and no funds are used to payoff multi-million dollar notes and outside interests. That translates to being able to create our own unique programs and budgets for partners and marketing.
  • At other sites, third parties handle all reporting and commissions payments. We don't believe this to be a good idea. We don't know about you, but we wouldn't want our social security numbers floating around a bunch of affiliate sites. Just as private as we keep our member data, we protect our partners from third parties. Our relationship is with you - not with the guys in a data center in another state (or country), not with other marketing executives wanting to spam you, and not with invisible cohorts wanting to swap your information.

Before you go any further, we must tell you we are a business with a solid ethical backbone. We don't believe the data we collect from our members is anyone's business but their own. We work extremely hard to protect our members from spam, harassment, or any actions which would make them feel uncomfortable using our service. Unlike many other sites on the Web, we understand the very personal nature of finding someone to love and we vow to keep that understanding throughout the development of our product.

Equally, we are open minded and embrace diversity. Not everyone will make the cover of Vogue magazine and not everyone is seeking the traditional relationship our parents attempted to guide us towards. TangoWire works on the premise that everyone is equal, regardless of the religious or political beliefs they have.

"This site has made me feel like I can meet other people and not worry about who really has my personal information. I love this site. I don't get spammed and no pop-up ads take over my computer. I'm also meeting better quality people. Nice work!"    B.B. - Montreal
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