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Saturday, October 9, 2010
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We treat our partners as an important extension of our business because without them we wouldn't succeed - and we know it. We take pride in our good business ethics and relationships. When you become our partner, you're treated with respect and as part of the TangoWire team. We want you to succeed, not only because it makes us succeed, but because we believe in people. That's the nature of our entire business model.

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At a Glance
We promote a strict code of marketing ethics and expect our partners to uphold that code.
The TangoWire Partner Program is strictly for "experienced" Internet marketing individuals and companies.
We don't tolerate SPAM to or from our members and partners.
We do not permit our partners to unethically lure or falsely advertise to consumers.
A trusting relationship is critical to the success of TangoWire and its partners.
Partners are expected to thoroughly read and agree to all the terms of service.
Terms & Privacy
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