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Some discover and assume their homosexuality as soon as they enter puberty and have a sex life in harmony with themselves. Others, on the other hand, perceive only a few emotions and, consciously or not, deny and suppress their feelings. Sometimes ashamed, they do not want to accept this attraction to women, and often lead a heterosexual life for many years.

Same-sex love among women is still viewed differently today than same-sex love among men. But for once the advantage is given to the fairer sex.

First, for centuries female homosexuality has been a totally denied reality: “How could there be sexuality where there is no penis?” Denied therefore and more tolerated also, because still in the collective thought, the company perceives the penetration between men as an indelible mark left on the body where it imagines the softer female sexuality and made only of caresses.

However, tolerated does not mean unfortunately not accepted, although women are gradually coming out of this stigma, thanks in particular to the many feminist struggles. It is therefore more and more frequent to observe that “woman seeking woman” on Internet search engines is breaking out of its former silence.

Because in the end, whatever can make us really happy! Happiness is often difficult to access so let’s not add barriers.

But what if you’ve been in a relationship – or maybe even married – with a guy for some time? If you are sure how you are feeling and this is not just a “wanting to try new things” phase, you need to be honest with yourself and embark on this new adventure.

Do it not only for yourself, but also for your partner and your child (ren). Love is an important part of our life, in the long run, to deny it is to suffer and to cause suffering.

Whether you’ve discovered it recently, or have always known it, go with confidence in the search for your perfect woman.

But what are the latter’s expectations? What are the expectations of your ideal partner who is also looking for ads that answer “Woman seeking woman”? Nothing more than what you are also looking for: love, trust, sharing and honesty.

Thanks to eDarling and its personality test, single women who are looking for the right person or who are looking, at first, to meet new people, are directly put in contact with profiles corresponding to their personality.

As soon as I saw it, I said to myself: Wow! I want to make my life with her ”

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