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When we don’t put our anxiety into thought, we can become its captive, so embody your anxiety. Ask yourself; “What could be the worst case scenario and how likely is it to happen?” See the evidence. You can write down your negative thoughts on a piece of paper and try to find alternatives. For example; When you are worried that “we will never get rid of this virus”, you can take a look at the past facts about pandemics and form alternative and realistic thoughts. You can remind yourself that pandemics end after a certain period of time and the world order is back.

Be compassionate with yourself. You are going through a difficult period, but you are not alone. When you cannot reach your normal productivity or you cannot concentrate on your work, stop and remember that you should not be burdened with yourself. You are trying to do your best in non-ideal conditions, be aware of this situation. You can give yourself a margin of error. Try slowing down so you can more appreciate the simple pleasures of your daily life. Stay in the moment. While doing an activity, do not keep your phone with you all the time, focus on what you are doing. Learn to eat slow and appreciate the flavors and textures. If you do this; You will feel full with less food and you will enjoy the taste of the food more. When you talk to your friends and family, focus on them, listen without concern for other things. Try to enjoy even the simplest thing and find the fun aspects of it. For example; Instead of washing the dishes in a hurry, see the dance of water and bubbles. When you change your point of view on this kind of work; You have the opportunity to turn these into enjoyable activities instead of work.

Most of us want to be aware of everything and we constantly follow developments. First of all, follow and read these information from reliable sources. Do not rely on the advice of non-experts. On the other hand, constantly reading news about the virus and being on social media can increase our concerns. So put limits on yourself. Do not hold the phone in your hand constantly. For example; Don’t feel the need to constantly check the news while watching movies, stay in the moment and enjoy the movie. You will already have access to this information later, as you have had the opportunity to come out of the pool of anxiety, do not dive back in.

Being in a state of constant anxiety and panic exhausts people and decreases the quality of life. However, a small dose of anxiety helps us. Anxiety, however unpleasant it may be, encourages us to be prepared for potentially dangerous situations and to protect ourselves. For example, concerns about the coronavirus we have now; It causes us not to go out, avoid crowded places, wash and disinfect our hands frequently and pay extra attention to the places we touch. However, reaching high levels of anxiety can lead to negative situations. When we panic, our emotions can be reactive, our thoughts irrational, and our behavior impulsive. This panic state can push people to buy unnecessary things and create problems of not meeting the needs of others. Remember that panic; it spreads faster than the virus, so it can cause a chain reaction. In such situations, focus on your coping skills. Look at them what you can do about this situation.

You can try meditation and breathing exercises to reduce your anxiety. On the other hand, exercising, doing a different activity, socializing will help reduce your anxiety levels. Feel free to ask for help, share your feelings and thoughts. Many therapists offer online therapy over the internet, and you can benefit from this service.

Remember, you are not alone. As the whole world, we are at war against this virus, which does not distinguish between religion, race and color. Just as humanity survived other viruses in the past, we will survive this virus in unity and solidarity. When you say I’m bored at home, think of the healthcare professionals working for us day and night without sleeping. Think of the world experts working to stop the epidemic and return to our normal lives and remind yourself that this situation is temporary. Stay healthy without losing your life energy.

Dependency; Although the substance affects the health, daily life, social relations, and life of the person negatively, it is the persistence of substance use and the inability to quit the substance.

Apart from the chaos that the pandemic has brought to our daily lives, the uncertainty we are experiencing now increases our worries day by day.

Panic attack; Although there is no real risk or actually any cause, it is an intense fear attack that manifests itself with severe physical symptoms. This process is quite scary.

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